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Custom Content UOAlive's Champion Spawns and Power Scrolls Explained

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UOAlive has various methods to obtain Power Scrolls, which are consumables that raise individual skill caps. These include:
  • Champion Spawn system (All facets UOAlive only): most of the Power Scrolls can be earned through this system.
  • Blacksmithy and Tailoring: These skill scrolls are earned as rewards for completing Bulk Order Deeds.
  • Fishing: Obtained by completing Professional Fisher Quests.
  • Imbuing: Obtained through Mastering the Soulforge quests.
  • Treasure Chests (all facets UOAlive only): 105 and 110 Power Scrolls can be found as loot in Cache, Hoard, and Trove treasure chests, related to the buried chest's adventuring profession.
  • Random Power Scrolls dropped at Invasions and Events: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalives-invasions-and-event-tokens-explained.1255/
  • From the Event Token Stone in Magincia Magical Stone Exchange which has "Random Power Scroll Deeds" and "Choose your 120 Scroll" deeds to purchase for the (event)tokens.
  • You can turn in power scrolls you receive but do not want from any of the above for Event Tokens with Mr. White, to then utilize those Event Token for a chance to get the scroll you wanted on the Event Stone explained above.
All skills have Power Scrolls available, which come in increments of 105, 110, 115, and 120. It's not necessary to use lower increments before using higher ones.

Champion Spawns offer the majority of Power Scrolls.

There are several types of champion spawns available on all facets, including Abyss Spawn, Arachnid Spawn, Cold Blood Spawn, Forest Lord Spawn, and more.

To complete a spawn, one must gather allies and choose a spawn location. If the spawn is inactive, it can be activated using the Valor Virtue(you gain valor by going to one of the always active spawns such as The Glade or Despise and killing mobs). Upon activation, monsters will begin spawning, and white candles will appear in the altar's center to represent progress towards the next red candle. 100% progress results in a red candle appearing on the edge of the altar. If sufficient progress is not made, the spawn will move backwards. And unique to UOAlive, a spawn will restart or end completely if no progress is made within 2 hours of starting. This is to save resources of the server and encourage group play! Additionally, mobs do not not create corpses and disappear on death.


Once enough red candles are gained, the spawn strength increases, requiring fewer kills to advance. At 16 red candles, the champion can be summoned by targeting the Idol. Upon defeat of the Champion players are given Rewards.

Rewards in UOAlive are granted to players upon defeating the champion of a spawn. There are three primary types of rewards: Champion Spawn Artifacts, Power Scrolls, and Scrolls of Transcendence.

Champion Spawn Artifacts:

  • These rewards come in the form of Replicas, decorative rewards, and unique artifacts.
  • The overall drop rate for these rewards is 30%:
    • 10% for a shared (replica) reward
    • 15% for a decorative reward
    • 5% for a unique reward
Scrolls of Transcendence:
  • These scrolls may be awarded for defeating the champion of any spawn or killing random mobs between each tier.
  • Transcendence scrolls obtained in Felucca have twice the potency of those obtained elsewhere.
Power Scrolls:
  • 105 Power Scrolls are randomly awarded for killing regular mobs in a Champion Spawn.
  • 12 Higher level scrolls (110, 115, 120) are only awarded for slaying the champion of a spawn for those who participated split amongst them.

Champion Skulls

In order to summon The Harrower six different skulls, obtained from the six different Champions need to be placed on the altar in the Star Room.

The Six Skulls

Mini Champs:

Mini-Champs are a series of progressive spawns found in the Stygian Abyss dungeon, similar to Champion Spawns, but without the presence of an altar or special rewards. There are a total of 10 Mini-Champs (13 including the Cavern of the Discarded) within the dungeon.

Imbuing Ingredients: The creatures within Mini-Champs carry various Imbuing ingredients, making it an ideal location for players to gather materials for their crafting needs.

Advancement Requirements: To advance to the next level, players must slay the specified number of creatures initially spawned at that level.

For example, in the Secret Garden Mini-Champ, 20 Pixies are initially spawned at Level 1. To progress to the next level, players must slay 20 Pixies, which will continue to spawn until the next level is achieved.

Multiple Creature Types In Mini-Champs with more than one type of creature at a level, players must slay the exact number of each creature type initially spawned to progress.

For instance, in the Passage of Tears Mini-Champ, 20 Corrosive Slimes and 10 Acid Slugs are initially spawned at Level 1. Players must slay both 20 Corrosive Slimes and 10 Acid Slugs, not just 20 Corrosive Slimes, to advance to the next level.

And that about sums up the basic summary of Champion Spawns and Powerscrolls on UOAlive and the QoL additions we have made for players!
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