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We're shaking up the status quo and introducing a whole new world of creatures to tame. Say goodbye to the 'meta' and hello to a diverse range of creatures, each with their own unique abilities and use cases. The journey doesn't stop there, hunt for the elusive and rare creatures, and even legendary beasts to call your own!

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind taming experience on UOAlive! We've curated an unparalleled adventure for you to discover and tame new creatures, test your skills and push yourself to the limits. We can't wait for you to join us and enjoy this unique journey!


There are 4 different types of new tame-ables in the world
(can have multiple of the below per creature):
  • Exquisite - A different hue of a normal creature (collect them all)
  • Exotic - A powerful beast that will be similar to other pets to break up the "meta" visually. Can come in multiple colors
  • Rare - A very different version of an existing/or brand new creature with different stats, tame-slots etc.
  • Legendary - A very very rare creature, with a one of a kind hue and stats.



In order to tame these harder hitting creatures you will need to adventure for them!

Instead of crazy timers we have made it so the mobs will share a spawner with other mobs. This means there is an RNG aspect to the actual mob spawning and you will need to fight your way through monsters to get it to spawn.

There are ways to know you are in the right place: the spawn will seem a little bit off for the area normally, and there will be sound ques as well as flavor text. So keep an eye out!


Some of these spawns have waves of beasts that must be defeated before you get to your tame-able creature!

A list of pets available through this system:

  • A Basilisk
  • A Naja
  • A Spider
  • A Wilfdfire Ostard
  • A Ride-able HellHound
  • A Dread War Horse
  • A special Exotic version of the Windrunner
  • A special Exotic version of the Lasher named Charlie
You can experience a version of this system(sans the tame-able) as a New Player on Level 2 of the New Player Dungeon Wing 4!

We believe this is a happy middle ground for getting your epic pets an adventure versus a walk in the park, but also a rewarding way to get them as well! This caters to both casual players and hardcore. Ultimately making your time online valuable and not wasted.

Examples of some of the Custom Pets:

We are continuing to balance tamable animals so the "Meta" is more diverse and fun. No one wants to have everyone with the same pets!

Dragons (DPS-focused) have a chance to spawn as "RARE" with special title and hue, being 3-slot instead of the normal 4-slot making them more viable for taming and rivaling CU's.

Greater Dragons (tankier) also have a chance to spawn as "RARE" with special title and hue, and 3-slot, making them more viable for taming and rivaling CU's.

Special Rare Nightmares will now be labeled as "Rare" and have a unique hue, making them easier to identify.


White Wyrms, Shadow Wyrms, and Serpentine Dragons now have a "RARE" variant, with a special title and hue, and being 3-slot instead of the normal 4-slot, providing greater diversity in taming options.


Dragons have a chance to spawn as a hued exotic type. They have no special skills just a cool collector color!


Unlock new possibilities in taming with our special creatures that break the mold of traditional "meta" and offer you fresh options for your journey. Say goodbye to the monotony of taming only Naja or Cusidhe and discover alternative creatures that will take your experience to the next level.

At UOAlive, we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of taming options through parallel progression techniques, ensuring that your journey is always unique and exciting.

Sneak Peak at Exotics:

While we cannot reveal all of them, here are just a few examples of the many custom tame-able creatures waiting to be discovered on UOAlive. From over a dozen unique and customized options, there are countless adventures to be had as you uncover and tame these one-of-a-kind beasts.


Want a sneak peak of one of UOAlive's unique and custom-built creatures?

Look no further than our newsletter featuring the legendary Murder Bears! These creatures are unlike anything you've ever seen before, and you won't want to miss out on getting a glimpse of what they look like. Don't wait, check out the newsletter now for a sneak peek at these one-of-a-kind beasts.

Always more choice:

A simpler addition: Universal Barding Deeds add Swamp Dragon Barding to multiple creatures. You create them via crafting. You will need to find one of the new mounts to apply it to though, the Wild Mustang or the Battle Ostard!


Added crafted by, Resource Type, and Exceptional Marks to the Universal Barding Deeds

The Battle Ostard (found in Termur!)

Mustangs found in T2A

All Bard-able creatures are IDENTICAL in stats. So pick the one you like the look of, not the stats!

Or perhaps you don't want a Blue Beetle but a Mule to carry your items!


Pet Bonding:

At UOAlive, we understand the disappointment of losing a newly tamed pet. To prevent this, we offer Pet Bonding Deeds available at the Magincia Bazaar and Bonding Potions available in our store, allowing you to bond with your pet instantly without the usual 7-day waiting period. For those who prefer the traditional bonding process, you can always use the [bondinfo command to check the status of your pet's bonding progress.


  • Bond info has been enhanced with it's information:
    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002238.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002300.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002413.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002325.png
If your pet is dead and you do not stable the pet and it loses loyalty as a dead pet, the system will mark it as abandoned over x amount of time and it will remove itself from the game to prevent pets everywhere.

Pet "At a Glance" info:

We've made numerous improvements to enhance your taming experience. With just a simple click, you can now view the contents of your pet's backpack(of it has one). The pet's loyalty percentage is also prominently displayed on its gump, making it easy to keep track.


Pet Leashes:

Conveniently leash and store your pets in your backpack, but keep in mind that this comes with a trade-off. Leashed pets, although shrunken, still weigh a considerable amount and and cannot be unleashed or re-leashed in many dungeons. This will limit the amount of gold you can collect from spawns, loot you can carry, and make choosing the right pet to un-Shrink prior to your adventure an important decision!


Pet Aftermarket:

Unlock new possibilities in pet trading on UOAlive by pre-bonding(feeding a pet once before listing it for sale) and selling them on the global market. Other players can purchase them and, once the bonding period of 7 days has passed, instantly bond the pet to themselves. Additionally, players can also view pets on the global market and player vendors, allowing for easy and informed purchasing decisions, even for those with zero taming skills.


Pet Care:

Reviving a fallen pet can be a daunting task, especially for new players. That's why we've made it easy for everyone. We've set up a Pet Resurrection Stone at the Zento stable to help you quickly bring your loyal companion back to life and get back into the action. And don't worry, if you have fallen with your pet, a Corpse Summoner is conveniently located nearby, making it easy for you to revive yourself as well. All in all, playing into our "New Player Friendly" atmosphere.


"Claim List" just got a whole lot more useful!

Drag over their name to see their Bond info, min taming req, control slots, and loyalty.

And so much more...

We are dedicated to enhancing your taming experience in Ultima Online. Our team is constantly working on improving and updating the taming systems to ensure that your journey is always smooth and enjoyable. Be sure to keep an eye out for maintenance updates and new features, as we strive to make your experience extraordinary.
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