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Exotic Windrunner


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The legends of old speak of the Windrunner…​


Hint: If you feel the forest come alive and stare at you from between the trees…

The location is accurate to UO Lore folktales.

Below is an example of a Windrunner's starting stats. Some variance should be expected!

Starting StatsResistsDamageLore & Knowledge includesSlots
Hits: 688
Stamina: 104
Mana: 57
Strength: 532
Dexterity: 104
Intelligence: 57
Physical: 61%
Fire: 28%
Cold: 56%
Poison: 100%
Energy: 42%
Physical: 20%
Poison: 80%
Base Damage: 15-20
Resisting Spells comes overcapped.
This elusive creature is part of the esteemed Custom Tamables collection on UOAlive and can only be obtained by skillfully defeating hordes of fierce creatures and fearless protectors. Only the most tenacious players who successfully navigate through these challenges will have the chance to tame this prized creature, making it a true badge of honor among the taming community.