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World Bosses - Fight Back!


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Artwork from the amazing Jon Lee http://leejj.deviantart.com/art/Stone-Golem-Boss-287644263 we met at Blizzard he was very talented.

What is a World Boss?

The world has been in shambles since the rifts between shards opened up many moons ago. There were remnants of evil empowering the fragments during each shatter. Slowly that energy has been combining allowing these entities to enter our world!

This is some of the most powerful and dangerous evil this world has ever seen. Cursed by the shattering worlds, determined to take back what they believe is theirs. Your world! The World of Britannia!

The Virtues of our blessed shrines are the perfect energy center for these evil creatures. They feed off it, corrupt it, and break the virtues! The one true good left in this broken world.

You hero are the only one that can stop them. Will you just try to survive this invasion or will you fight back?! The world of UOAlive is in your hands!

How do we know when a World Boss has broken through the realm?

The power of this evil is not to be toiled with. They feed off your fear and haunt your dreams. When they arrive they sent a message to your mind trying to sway you to join their soon to be army! No one is free from this evil power, but you can fight back instead of succumbing to it!

Where will they break through?

They are using the power of the 9 Virtue Shrines to get through to our realm.
(They are completely automated needing no intervention from the GM's to keep the world Alive with excitement!)

If we defeat them, what riches can we expect?

These monsters are corrupt to the very core! Even their weapons are cursed forever!
They drop cursed doom artifacts, custom artifacts, and tokens.

These tokens are bestowed upon you by the power of virtue itself and can be turned in at a virtue stone to purchase various holy equipment to fight off the next invasion!

Everyone who participates in these battles will receive a token for their bravery!

When will this evil break through!?

It has already begun! The corruption of the elves was just a bi-product of their aura. All early detection cast out by the Magi of Wind have determined the first major attack will begin on what the earthly invaders called
January 1st.
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These are now LIVE!
You will have to check the Virtue Shrines to see if a spawn has started to break through the world.
When a boss is spawned after enough of the mobs have been killed a message is broadcast to the world.

Use your World Boss tokens to get items off the World Boss Token stone here: