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Custom Content Bod Deed Box - A solution to OSI's crappy BOD system

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So as we all know, the bod system is a grind from hell and makes it not fun whatsoever. So here is our solution at UOAlive!

You can now purchase a Large BOD deed box from the stones in Magincia. This is considered a mid game item and is priced accordingly.

2018-10-13 03_08_44-Ultima Online - tr1age (UOAlive 2.0).png

The Large BOD Deed box is used to give you the small bod deeds needed to complete the large bods.

It will take gold from your bank or inventory to pay for it on use. You drop a LargeBOD into the

box (only one can be placed in the box at a time). Then you doubleclick the box and it'll charge

you the money to get the bods and your original bod back. The bods will all be placed in the box

so make sure to remove them. If you are using the box and put a bod in and dont have the money

for it and leave the bod in the box no one else can use the box till you finish with it. This

box can be used both in your inventory or on the ground and can be secured in your house.


Fill out your Large Bod Deeds with ease!


DISCLAIMER: This item can only be used by the person who purchased it. Using it between multiple accounts and characters can break it. This will not be replaced.
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